The goal in energy work is to create harmony and balance on every level (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Life is made up of a series of events. Some experiences and encounters in our life can disturb the natural flow of energy in the body. If an imbalance in the system is ignored for a long time, the body begins to speak (mostly in the form of physical illness).


Energy work is one way to support the healing process and to restore the natural order in the human energy field. When we are free from traumas, fears, inner blockages or obstacles that slow down our self-development, an inner freedom in the form of true self-determination is lived out. Everything we work out and transform together serves this higher purpose.


Healing and transformation is an act of self-love. Find your potential and overcome what is holding you back. Strengthen the trust in yourself and experience an easeful and strong version of YOU.



Do the rooms in which you live or work bear burdens from the past? Does the room in which you want to develop yourself and live, restlessness, weakness, heaviness, sadness and uncertainty?

Or you might have a business or shop that needs an abundant revival?

Live your dream of a comfortable and safe home or a business that really reflects you and attracts what you want. Give your space a new energy.

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Energy Healer & Transformation Coach

My personal passion as an energy healer & transformation coach is that everyone can be free, share and live out their personal mix of strengths and potentials with the world. Our footprint on this earth is unique!


I discovered energy work with Andrea J. Stäger in 2016 and knew immediately that this was the right path. I had always looked for answers in life and was interested in understanding my behavior and reaction to certain things. However, I didn't have the tool I needed. With energy work, my life has changed without having to change anything on the outside. What has changed is my attitude towards the external world. Through energy work I became freer step by step, I took my energy back to myself and the reflex to react to external impulses has literally disappeared with each treatment. As a person who likes to make things tangible and understandable, it was a miracle. My energy has changed, and so has my life - without having to adjust anything in the outside world. What a freedom!


This is exactly where I want to work with you: the path to freedom and to experience yourself without limitations and open to experience life to its fullest.


My sessions can be held in dialect, German, English, Turkish.

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I can wholeheartedly recommend energy therapy with Derya.

My life has changed for the better after the energy therapies - in every respect. In business as well as in private life, the changes brought about by the therapies helped me to achieve all of my goals. In my everyday life I notice more and more how relaxed I am and how I no longer react to the things on the outside world. I save the energy for myself instead of reacting. I wish everyone would invest in their soul and in themselves and, step by step, make their dreams come true through the therapy with Derya. Thank you very much for all the energy therapies and also for the future ones, because there are always things that I still want to work on ... You are simply great and the best no 1.

As a rational person, I have never dealt with therapy or spiritual welfare. With the attitude "I can do it alone." and distrust towards everyone and everything, I raced through life at full speed in the fast lane and thought everything is fine and if not, I'll fix it myself.


No room and no time for feelings and emotions, that's how I lived - until I came across Derya's workshop. Derya is a long-time friend whom I have known since my school days. That made it easier for me to consider energy work. Opening up wasn't an easy decision, but it was the best! I can now see myself and my life more clearly thanks to Derya's energy therapy. I know and recognize myself in my behavior and reactions thanks to the questioning strategy of energy therapy. I can recommend energy therapy to anyone who wants to sharpen and improve their awareness and perception of life.


It's interesting to see that the person you know to believe is actually a different person. We are unconsciously shaped by behavior patterns that no longer serve us in the long term. With energy therapy you learn how to recognize these patterns, break them and create new ones that are meaningful. Derya activated my self-awareness and taught me to control it more consciously. It's like being in the dark and suddenly things become visible and illuminate us. Energy therapy is like sharp glasses for the soul.

When I read the slogan “Where the focus goes, energy flows” on Facebook, I agreed well with this wise quote in absolute clarity and gave a Like. In real life, however, I never realized what that phrase meant. The energy therapy work with Derya brought light into my thoughts, unconscious actions and the use of my energy. Derya asks very concise questions, listens carefully, is unbiased and non-judgmental. Her loving and trustworthy way of holding space gives the room to open up and to recognize the blind spots. I can warmly recommend energy therapy work with Derya to everyone who wants to get back on track and become the captain of their life ship again, so that they can go along with the flow of life without resistance: "Where the focus goes, energy flows".



75 min à 180 CHF
90 min à 210 CHF

Energetic space clearing

Price depends on time needed for the individual space